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2017-2018 Annual Report

The Annual Fund 2017-2018

Dreams Do Come True

Have you asked your child what they dream of becoming one day? You might be surprised by the answer. Our children have hundreds of different individual dreams, but what unites them is that they are all given opportunities to explore their talents and interests, and they are all immersed in experiences which instill confidence that will take them far in their own chosen paths. When you give to the Annual Fund, you are contributing to the development of a foundation from which they can begin to dream of what they will one day become.

The Annual Fund is a critically important component of school funding. It allows our children to experience the wide array of field trips they will take. It brings artists and speakers to campus to enhance their learning. It provides our teachers with professional development opportunities to insure that our children are receiving the very best education. These are just a few ways in which supporting this important campaign makes a difference.

Every child has a dream. Here are just a few of our students' dreams, each one inspired by their own Montgomery School experience.

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Brady would love the opportunity to one day run the technology program for a school, just like Mr. Hamilton (Our tech director). He would also love to be a professional soccer player. If he can combine his talents and love of tech and soccer, he could one day teach and coach at Montgomery School.

Julia values the importance of being a well-rounded student and appreciates that Montgomery offers her the opportunity to try a variety of programs. Julia has high aspirations for her future. The student/teacher, athlete/coach relationship is very important to her and she is confident that her future steps are being guided by strong mentors.

Ege wants to carry on a family tradition with a career in engineering. His father is a medical engineer. Ege appreciates the critical thinking skills that are taught and encouraged at Montgomery. This, coupled with his interest to maneuver objects and to engage in dialogue with peers and teachers about the “what if’s” have sparked his interest in the field. Ege appreciates and values his math and science courses the most.

Ellie has been inspired to pursue a career in teaching through the wisdom and commitment she sees from her own teachers. Ellie loves young children, and being the oldest of four, she appreciates the opportunity to be a big buddy through our school buddy program. She says, “My teachers love what they do and it shows in how they teach me each day.”

Logan feels called to a career of service. Whether in the courtroom, or serving in law enforcement, Logan wants to make a difference. “At Montgomery, I’ve honed my public speaking skills through classroom discussion and debates.” Logan believes these opportunities, coupled with the core values instilled in him at Montgomery, have prepared him to pursue his dreams.

Linden, a second grader at Montgomery, dreams of one day sharing her love for theatre. Whether she is on the stage or producing the next Tony award winning musical, Linden is well prepared for making her dream a reality. We are so fortunate that our students are exposed to public speaking as early as their pre-k years. Our children are taking to the stage with chapel presentations, concerts, and it all culminates with their own 8th grade chapel.

Zane is looking forward to his band one day performing at Madison Square Garden. His love of music, particularly rock, comes in large part from his opportunities within our music program. Zane attributes his love of music and his passion to perform from the guidance and support he has received from his teachers. “Teachers encourage my aspirations and push me to reach my full potential, allowing me to believe that I can be and do whatever I want.”

Ashlyn wants to be an Ecologist. Ashlyn loved her creek walks as a young student at Montgomery and is now excited about the opportunities that await her in the middle school labs. She is passionate about protecting our earth and attributes that passion to the devotion her science teachers have shown towards this cause.

First grader, David, wants to be a Paleontologist. David loves his creek walks with Mrs. Dattilo and is often on the lookout for fossils and other interesting artifacts that can help him understand our 60-acre campus long before it became Montgomery School.

Addison's dream is to become a food critic. She has a passion for food and a willingness to speak her mind. She is a fan of Chef Ron’s Chicken Noodle Soup and believes that writing and public speaking are critical to her future endeavors. She appreciates the school’s focus on core values because, as a critic, she wants to be fair, but also respectful and responsible in her feedback.

Sydnie is interested in pursuing a career in the sciences. “The opportunities are endless, whether I pursue engineering, medicine, or another related field,” she noted. “I appreciate being asked to think beyond the question and to live beyond the textbook.” Her hands-on experience in the lab has fueled her desire for a career in science.

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