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Summer Reading Lists

The summer reading assignments for each grade level have been selected to help students retain information they learned the previous year and to expand their knowledge and critical thinking skills for the coming year.

  • From reading texts at an independent reading level, students will view summer reading as an enjoyable, accessible, and manageable experience
  • Through either a wide range of genres or self-selected texts, summer reading encourages continued literacy development over the summer months
  • The texts often introduce skills and background for the content knowledge found within a grade level’s curriculum
  • Parents play an influential role: age-appropriate involvement with summer reading is important, and this involvement allows parents to convey the importance of lifelong reading
Summer Reading Assignments 2021 
Entering Kindergarten
Entering 1st Grade
Entering 2nd Grade
Entering 3rd Grade
Entering 4th Grade
Entering 5th Grade
Entering 6th Grade
Entering 7th Grade
Entering 8th Grade