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Middle School

Grades 6–8 Push the possibilities


The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

At an age where it is crucial to nurture and teach adolescents self-advocacy, awareness of themselves as learners, and responsibility, Montgomery middle school focuses on building these skills and characteristics within each individual student.

Montgomery middle school students seize opportunities to take on more, while exercising the strong character that accompanies effective leadership in all walks of their middle school lives. Our PreK-8 school environment allows for teachers to genuinely learn about and connect with students, giving teachers the ability to truly know and support their students in ways that foster trusting relationships. We believe that creating a safe environment where these types of relationships are forged with peers and teachers will cultivate a sense of belonging for individuals within the community, which is crucial for a middle schooler’s emotional well-being and success.

As a middle school, we practice a well-rounded and balanced approach to learning that goes beyond academics and takes into account all aspects of a child's development.  In the classroom, middle schoolers stretch conventional academic expectations– discovering their individual talents, interests, and voices to propel their learning in new ways. Our dedicated team of educators is committed to fostering a growth mindset in our students, promoting and teaching the importance of metacognition, and encouraging them to embrace challenges while viewing them as opportunities for growth and learning. 

With a strong emphasis on students' voice and agency, we actively seek opportunities for students to take the stage and use their voices to shape their educational journeys, ensuring that their opinions and ideas are valued and integrated into the decisions we make as a middle school. As the oldest students on campus, our middle schoolers actively think and reflect on how to become leaders in their own way, and discover their individual strengths and passions. Whether it is being a good role model on campus to a younger student, or a mentor to a lower school student in our Buddy Program. Or, students creating their own student-led elective or  club to share and teach their experiences with peers and teachers. Students will be faced with many opportunities in their day-to-day lives at Montgomery to grow as individuals, learners, and leaders. As a result, graduates leave Montgomery as life-long learners with deeply-rooted habits of mind, body, and character that prepare them to be people of profound influence in secondary school and beyond


Catch a Glimpse


  • Design for a Difference Capstone Project
  • Overnight Excursions
  • Student Government
  • Ambassador Program 
  • Middle School Musical 
  • 10 interscholastic sports teams