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Made @ Montgomery

Every child is different and experiences school in a unique way. Interests, aptitudes, learning styles, friendships, teachers…these all come to bear on how children feel about going to school and what they take home with them each day. The joy that is nurtured, the wonder that is fueled, the growth that is celebrated…these characterize a positive learning environment and help establish habits and attitudes that last a lifetime.

At Montgomery School, we appreciate the individual nature of each child’s path and work as partners to help them discover their unique place in the world. Through programs that are intentionally designed for early and adolescent learners, teachers address the specific developmental needs of children at every grade level and make sure that “making their way” is an ongoing daily process.

We value the core competencies that demonstrate appropriate developmental growth in the classroom. As such, children study traditional disciplines and build a foundational knowledge base from which to explore more nuanced concepts as they mature. We also recognize the value of programs that foster different kinds of competencies and help ensure balance, participation, social and emotional health, a sense of purpose, and the empathy that comes from a variety of perspectives. These programs—which are constantly expanding in scope—are made exclusively at Montgomery and help create a deeply rooted, meaningful learning experience.