Montgomery School

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Lower School

Grades K–5 Bring your enthusiasm & your boots!

Enthusiasm is a supernatural serenity.
Henry David Thoreau

Children show up with enthusiasm; it is their natural state. And it’s our job as teachers, to channel their buoyancy into enduring habits of mind, body, and spirit. When children come to school knowing that every day will be a new adventure without limits, they make it so.

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Catch a glimpse of what a daily adventure looks like at Montgomery School. 

Montgomery School is a safe place to grow up. As children start to gain a sense of self and a more acute awareness of others, they are supported in their personal expressions of who they are and who they are becoming. We don’t expect children to be “finished products.” We have created a learning environment specifically for where children are developmentally, and their growth—intellectual, social, and physical—is a thoughtful and lovingly guided process.

A typical day (there’s really no such thing) starts at 8:30 with morning greetings and handshakes and ends at 3:15 with cheerful “see you tomorrows.” In between, whether tromping through the woods in a science class, on the classroom floor writing a story with a friend, in the art studio sculpting a self-portrait, or on the athletic field mastering a new soccer drill, lower schoolers are constantly finding ways to apply their new knowledge.