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Curriculum & Program

Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth.”
Jules Verne, A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Think. Solve. Lead.

Nothing takes the place of experience when learning a concept, a skill, or a way of thinking. Whether it is a preschooler learning to take turns on the seesaw, a fourth grader understanding why apples fall down instead of up, or a middle schooler figuring out how best to motivate teammates, being in the thick of it is what makes learning real and relevant.

Montgomery students are always in the thick of it—sleeves rolled up, boots on, minds open and ready to tackle what’s next. Montgomery teachers are always in the thick of it too—helping students go a little further out on the limb, take the next leap, and find a soft-landing when necessary. Montgomery teachers create a learning environment that rewards a faithful effort—knowing that it is the process of trying that ultimately is the best teacher.

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