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Early Learning

Age 3 to PreK Ask 'Why" All Day Long

Traveler,  your footsteps are the path and nothing more; traveler, there is no path, you make the path by walking.
Antonio Machado

Welcome to Montgomery Early Learning—a place for little explorers to wonder and discover and make their world just a little bit bigger.

Two distinct programs provide creative options for how children launch their first real school experience. Both are a big jump from even the most innovative day-care programs and both prepare children for the structure, social dynamics, and intellectual challenge of future classroom experiences. Whether your 3- or 4-year old will thrive in the arts-focused SALT Playhouses, a dedicated 4-year-old PreK program, or a combination of both, there is a perfect entry point for your child's Montgomery education.

This is where children form their first impressions of school and forge new friendships on their own. There’s a lot riding on this new adventure and we know how important it is to get it right. This is where a child’s learning and social habits start taking shape—building a foundation to support who they will become. We want children to love coming to school. We want them to know it is here, that their curiosity and individuality are embraced, and it is here, where relationships outside the home start to have meaning.


Learning new concepts every day.

Full day PreK program for children ages 4-5

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SALT Playhouse

Learning through music and movement. 

A half-day program for children ages 3-4

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