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You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines.

–Shirley Chisholm

Everybody plays. How else will a child learn how to dribble or pass, how to be a good teammate, how to make hard work yield results, or how to be a good sport in both victory and defeat?
Montgomery’s no-cut athletics program in Chester County is designed to build healthy lifestyles and also competitive athletes. No matter a student’s skill level or prior experience, Montgomery students leave the field better than they found it.

PreK–Grade 4

Emphasis is on developing gross motor skills while having fun playing games with classmates. 

Optional OT Sports for Pre-K–Grade 4

This is an interactive discovery zone for children with little sports experience who might be reluctant to try. A Friday after-school program gives students zero-pressure exposure to flag football, cheerleading, soccer, basketball, and more. In addition to building skills and an appreciation for gamesmanship, students appreciate the added time for friend-building. (Additional fees apply.)

Grade 5

After-school sports allow budding athletes to focus on one sport per season, building skills as part of a team. Students advance physical, social, and emotional readiness for the next level—whether it’s in the next game or the next year. Fifth graders, who are itching for that competitive edge and have demonstrated an advanced skill level, are eligible to play on the middle school interscholastic teams twice a week. Don’t want high-stakes competition? Fifth grade students can opt for recreational PE and still belong on a team, get plenty of exercise, and learn to love a variety of lifetime sports. 

Grades 6–8

Montgomery sports teams are part of a five-team league that compete each season. Without a playoff system or championships, teams keep intense pressure at bay while still satisfying the competitive spirit and celebrating undefeated seasons. Because of Montgomery’s athletics requirement (at least one season per year) and no-cut policy, students who might otherwise never play, learn more than the skills of a new sport. In addition to the joy of being on a team, many first-time athletes discover a talent they didn’t know they had, something new to love, and an untapped depth of character.

Middle School Sports


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