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We all look at the same object in different ways.
Kehinde Wiley

Art is a very personal endeavor at Montgomery. We explore, create, and appreciate art together but we express ourselves as individuals.

In a sequential curriculum that simultaneously builds technical skills, listening and observational skills, and points of view, students find new ways to “say” what they feel. Sharing talents and accomplishments is an essential part of the Montgomery arts program—with opportunities throughout the year for students to be on the stage, in the gallery, and in the audience.

Visual and Performing Arts Opportunities


Visual Arts

Students are introduced to a wide variety of visual arts media beginning in PreK. Clay, paint, chalk, fiber, digital…materials and processes are revisited with increasing complexity in every grade, as students explore how to see and think about the world.

Performing Arts

The performing arts at Montgomery give students the opportunity to find their voice both literally and figuratively. They start out making music through song and rhythm and movement. With proficiency comes the ability to interpret content and communicate meaning. Finally, confidence, nuanced understanding, and personal perspectives come to bear on every performance.