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Uniform Policy

Montgomery School believes strongly in the value of our students wearing uniforms to school for several reasons. Wearing a uniform saves time and reduces stress by eliminating the difficult decision about what to wear each day. It has also been proven that uniforms help reduce distractions so students can focus on their schoolwork, which increases their academic performance. Uniforms also help eliminate peer pressure where clothing is concerned. Many of our graduates attend secondary schools with similar uniform policies; so wearing a uniform in lower and middle school gives our students the opportunity to prepare for what’s ahead.

The uniform is part of School policy. Occasional exceptions occur, such as certain field trips and “Drop the Dress Code” days. Students will be notified in advance when these exceptions apply. In all cases of student dress, the principle of neat and clean will apply; clothes must fit properly and not have holes, frayed edges, or obvious safety pins. Parents will be called and asked to bring a change of clothes if a student is not dressed appropriately. Students will be held accountable to be in uniform by faculty and administrators.


Most of these items can be purchased from Lands End. To begin, click on the banner below or click on this link to go directly to Montgomery's online ordering site at Lands' End (preferred # 900061250). Under Grade/Status select your child's Grade. Uniform shirts must have the Montgomery School logo as indicated, unless hidden under a jumper.

Shop at Lands' End


On Friday mornings, our school and community gather for all-school chapel and other special occasions. Lower School students are to wear white uniform shirts.

Middle School boys must wear a navy blazer and school tie with a white button-down dress shirt. Uniform shorts are acceptable during the warmer months (which will be defined at the discretion of the Middle School Head).

Middle School girls must wear the Lands' End cardigan and a white uniform shirt. 


On school portrait days, all students should be dressed in "Dress Up Friday" attire. Girls in grades K-4 should wear their jumper with a white shirt. 


Montgomery Spirit Wear is available several times throughout the year. The sales will be announced in Schoolhouse News.