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Afternoons Program

A Fun Place to Learn & Grow

Afternoons and Early Morning Care Contract

With a new year comes new and exciting changes! In the Afternoons Program at Montgomery we have expanded our current activities and have added some new and exciting options for our students by splitting into two sections; Afternoons & A2. Please take a second to see what we have been up to!

We begin each day in Afternoons & A2 with a bit of socializing and a snack and drink. A hearty carb filled snack (pretzels, cereal bars, popcorn etc) and fresh fruit are offered each day. Homework is an important part of Afternoons & A2. We are here to help your child and give support if needed. Our goal is for each child to complete their homework within the first hour or so.This way they can have some free time to relax after a busy school day with friends and take part in the many activity choices we offer. When their homework is done they are able to go home and spend quality time with their families each night. When the weather permits we try and get as much fresh air as we can, even in the winter!


Team Afternoons is a daily active team game choice where students either go outside or to the gym to play a group sport or game. Sharks & Minnows, Freeze Tag, Capture the Flag, Red Light/Green Light, and many more fun games are offered. Sometimes you just need to move! We offer Team Afternoons as a daily choice.

A Game Center is available each day in Afternoons where a teacher runs the game of the week for all who want to join in. Monopoly, Pictionary,Trivia, Clue, Jumanji, Sorry, Life, Scrabble, Outburst Jr., Boggle, and many more are rotated each week.

A New Favorite is our Inspiration Station! The Inspiration Station, available Mon-Thurs is for students who like to create! Lots of fun art supplies to inspire creativity in all ages! Markers, colored pencils, tape, scrapbook patterned papers, glue, beads, yarn, stampers, scissors, and much, much more!

Storytime Readers are students in the A2 section who volunteer each day to choose a story and come to the Afternoons section to read to our PreK-2nd graders. Our older A2 students are great role models!

Mondays in Afternoons begin with homework and snack time. For students who do not have homework there are several fun options! On Game Day, students can choose from many board games, Legos, puzzles, coloring pages, and word searches. The supplied games are structured to foster cooperation, interaction, logical thinking, problem solving, and imagination. Students have fun playing and working together. Teachers will run various games helping students learn the rules and encouraging good sportsmanship. There is also the option to help cook/create the Special Snack which we offer each Monday. This is run by the staff and A2 section with the help of the Afternoons students. When the weather is nice we venture outside for some fun creative play. A New Inspiration Station is available for students who like to create! Free Play is always an option in Afternoons and encouraged! Playing make-believe or creating your own game with friends is an important part of growing up. Free Play helps build leadership, imagination, and problem solving skills in all ages.

Tuesdays begin with social time then homework and snack time. Coloring Centers and Legos await. We then have a choice to head into the technology center & library, where all grades have a choice to relax with a book, create at the Inspiration Station, lego building, or a group board game lead by one of our teachers at the Game Center. Students get to take off their shoes and spread out on the rug. Students also have a choice to go to the Gym for extra active play time to take part in a group game or shoot hoops, or free play.

Our 1st-6th graders also have the choice of the above activities when their homework is finished, or they can choose to use one of the computers. We offer students a choice of several problem solving educational games. Students team up to play these games and have adult guidance when needed. If the sun is shining we will also head outside for some fresh air playtime.

Wednesdays are arts and crafts day. Students begin with some social time then homework and snack time. When homework is completed, they move on to a structured art activity and get to personalize their projects to reflect their own creativity and imagination. The A2 section will travel to the art room for special art projects with our Middle School art teacher each week. On Wednesdays we also have Legos and Coloring Center time available and when the weather is nice we head outdoors for some fun creative playtime. We have also added other seasonal center stations for students to take part in once their homework is finished.

On Thursdays after homework and snack time, you will find us in the Gresh Center. Students have a choice of storytime, reading, social time with their friends, and technology time in the computer lab. Afternoons has a set list of websites that are safe and fun for our students. Teachers help and monitor students on computers showing them how to play new games and explore new and exciting websites. Weather permitting we head outside for some fun in the sun! The Inspirations Station, Game Center, Lego building, coloring, Team Afternoons, and other activities are also available choices.

Fridays are our Big Playground & Gym Day. Lower Schoolers usually don’t have homework on Fridays so we jump start our activities with a snack and playground time. We then head off to the Gym where students in Afternoons and A2 are able to run around and play with the various sports equipment. They shoot hoops, jump rope, play ball, tag, and get tired out! Parents will often pick up sweaty kids ready for a bath and a weekend at home. On Fridays students should come to Afternoons with their sneakers! These Fridays are all about Moving and being active!

Theme Days: From time to time we have special theme days in Afternoons. Rainbow Loom Days, special projects, bring in a stuffed animal buddy, or “Let’s Cheer” days where we go to one of the Middle School sports games and cheer on our team! There’s always something fun going on!

Technology: With the ever expanding universe of technology Afternoons & A2 allow students to bring in Ipads, laptops, Kindles, and Nooks. All students must ask permission to use their devices and teachers must ok the sites students want to use. All devices are to be used in Afternoons & A2 for educational purposes not for non-educational game play. Students are expected to follow the Montgomery responsible use policy.

Middle School students always have many interesting things to work on online and we allow them to use their time in A2 to work on projects, research, and assignments using technology and their devices to help them get it done. Our middle schoolers also love to interact during our various activities with the younger students who look up to them. We encourage this interaction and enjoy watching these friendships grow.

Afternoons & A2 are places to learn and grow. Where teachers and peers can lend a hand and where there is fun and structure for all ages. We hope your child will pop in and see us often! It’s as easy as submitting an online dismissal change! If you have any questions please feel free to contact Wendy Walton our Afternoons Director at wwalton@montgomeryschool.org.