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Welcome Montgomery Parents,

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education as we further their development. We take our charge seriously and look forward to partnering with you in this worthy endeavor. We encourage and welcome your active participation as a member of the community in several significant ways including:

Please refer to the resources found on these pages to help guide you at Montgomery. There are several pages in the Parents section that are password protected and will require you to log in to access the information. If you need assistance with your login information, please contact the Assistant to the Head of School at 610-827-7222.   


Major Dates Calendar

School Event Calendar

School Forms

All forms must be completed by July 1. 
Each family must log into the School Forms Online (SFO) site to complete their forms online. The first time you access the SFO system, you must do so via the notification link that is sent to you. If you have not received a link to log into SFO, please contact the Assistant to the Head of School for assistance.  

Below is a list of additional forms that cannot be completed online. Please follow the instructions for each form.

  • Dismissal Plan - All parents CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE
  • PA School Immunization Requirements - All parents DOWNLOADFORM, read, submit updated immunization record.
  • Physical Examination Form - All new students, PreK, K, 6th, 7th and 8th grade, & all 5th grade students who plan to participate in interscholastic athletics. DOWNLOAD FORM, have physician complete, return.
  • Dental Examination Form - Required for students in grades K, 3 & 7.DOWNLOAD FORM, have dentist complete, return.
  • Parent/Physician Request for Administration of Medication - For any student who receives medication during the school day (including inhalers and EpiPens). DOWNLOAD FORM, complete, have physician sign, return.  
  • Food Allergy Action Plan - For students with food allergies.DOWNLOAD FORM, complete, have physician sign, return.


During the summer, school districts are provided with the names of all students enrolled at Montgomery School. Your school district will contact you near the end of August with details regarding your children’s bus stop and times. Questions regarding bus transportation should be directed to your school district transportation department as listed below:

  • Coatesville – 610-466-2421
  • Downingtown – 610-269-8460
  • Great Valley – 610-889-2100
  • Owen J. Roberts – 610-469-5187
  • Phoenixville – 484-927-5026
  • Spring-Ford – 610-705-6000
  • Tredyffrin-Easttown – 610-240-1680
  • West Chester – 484-266-1040

The school districts do not permit prekindergarten students to ride the bus. The school districts do not allow children from another school district or children who are not regular passengers to ride on their buses. Students must ride the bus to which they are assigned. Lower School students are not permitted to ride Middle School buses home in the afternoon; Middle School students are not permitted to ride Lower School buses home in the afternoon.

Parent/Student Handbook

Download the Parent/Student Handbook

Statement of Parental Support

We expect that parents, as members of the community, understand and endorse the Mission Statement of the School and are committed to abiding by the policies and procedures stated in the Parent/Student Handbook.

We encourage parents to take an active interest in their children’s work and life at School. such as getting to know classmates, teachers, and other parents; engaging in volunteer activities; attending Lower and Middle School parents’ nights and parent conferences; as well as being involved in the Montgomery School Community Association events throughout the year.

We also encourage parents to demonstrate their interest in their children’s education by encouraging their regular and prompt attendance, by asking about their work, and by providing structure and quiet, appropriate places to study. Parents are the most important resource for students. Answering questions, directing students to appropriate learning materials, and providing transportation to libraries can be helpful. However, because teachers need to evaluate students’ work and progress, it is critical that parents encourage independence and refrain from doing students’ assignments. Rather, parents may guide students in their work, suggesting resources and explaining underlying principles. The goal and effect of any assistance should be to enable students to complete their own work.

To ensure an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect, it is also important that parents closely read the Parent/Student Handbook and communicate any concerns or questions to teachers, advisors, or Division Heads as appropriate.
In summary, we encourage parents to involve themselves in the life of the School (to offer feedback) and to support us in fostering in our students the values of responsibility, commitment, compassion and kindness.

Photo Galleries

Click here to view photo galleries.

Never miss a Montgomery Moment! All photos can be viewed on our Montgomery Smugmug site, which are organized by folders/events. The password is Heron (case sensitive). You can download photos for free, or order prints or enlargements for a small fee. Also, special items with your photo imprinted are available for purchase, all shipped directly to you.


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