Montgomery School

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Strategic Pillars

The process of planning for the future of Montgomery School included opportunities for our community to engage at the outset. We began early last year with several “Imagine 2040” sessions, which was an open invitation to parents, board members, teachers, and students to take part in the conversation. Following these initial steps, a dedicated committee of faculty, administrators, and board members, spearheaded the continued development of the strategic framework, leveraging the valuable insights gathered from the “Imagine 2040” sessions.

The framework is anchored by a Big Question, the “North Star” that will guide the school's trajectory over the coming years: What does it look like for Montgomery School to be future-ready? Through ongoing meetings and collaborative efforts, the dedicated committee developed four strategic pillars that embody a future-ready mindset, and encompass the collective vision and goals of the Montgomery community.

Preparing For The Future

Please take a moment to hear from Tom McManus, Head of School, and Morreen Rukin, Chair of the Board of Trustees, to learn more about the process and for an in-depth look at the strategic pillars that will shape the future of Montgomery School.