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Letters from our Leaders

Mr. Vandegrift, October 2022

I’m sure our students amaze you all daily, and I know they amaze our team. Going back to what I shared in my Chapel, imagine what our students can achieve if we provide them with platforms to show us what they can do, learn, and grow into people that never stop shy of amazing others. Over the first few weeks we have had students on stage in Bell Hall or other venues taking leadership roles by playing music, sharing their stories around family, sports, anime, art and leading initiatives like our bake sale. The goal of this year is to do just that. Provide stages literally and figuratively to share their stories, have agency, and to help us grow this already amazing community. As individuals and to the collective Monty community. Our teachers our working hard to provide the best environment to do just this both inside and outside of the traditional classroom. “Imagine what our students will accomplish this year!”

We have four goals this year which are: be your best, tackle challenges with an open mindset, show respect to others, and always take ourselves and others towards the goals of the community. This is embedded in everything we do, and we have a special opportunity to do so as the leaders of the student community. In the classroom, on the bus, on the fields, and any time a student is representing Montgomery School. When students fall short of this we will walk beside them to help them learn and grow from their experience. We ask you to partner with us. When you get a call from Mr. V or a teacher around a challenge, we ask you to partner with us. Middle School is a time where grace, growth, and transition are necessary when helping guide your child through all that they will encounter. Schools function best with positive communication and partnership. Even in times of challenge. Remember the old African proverb of “it takes a village”; it truly does. This will be a wonderful year of growth and amazement of what our students will accomplish. Let’s commit to providing them with the "stage" where they will amaze us with their talents and passions, partner in community together, and allow for safe failure. 

Most recently, our students participated in the 8th Grade Leadership Retreat. Did you know that the crops on Milky Way Farm preserve the soil from going with the water flow that eventually tracks through Pickering creek, to French creek, to the Delaware river, and eventually ends up in the Atlantic Ocean? A fun fact from the retreat, as we learned about sustainability and stewardship. To have the privilege of spending a day off campus, in community as the 8th grade class, and to focus on leadership concepts was a powerful experience. Not only for our students individually, but collectively as a group. We started the day with a speaker, who is a passionate educator, one who has dedicated their life to stewardship and providing students with opportunities to explore the concepts of being a good steward within a community and through leadership. Mrs. Schelhorn challenged students to think about different types of leaders, and embracing what we individually can offer as leaders. Mr. Ormsby talked about the importance of good communication and our ability to give directions to others. Mr. Ormsby’s activity included giving directions to Mr. Anzaldo, who was driving around Chester Springs while receiving directions from students about how to go from Montgomery School to their house. Mrs. Fields led a session around different learning styles, and how understanding our own learning styles will benefit us as leaders and students. In addition, she talked about how knowing your learning style will help your interactions with guiding and leading others. All in all, our 8th graders amazed us at the retreat and finished the day by helping the farm organize their pumpkin patches and corn maze, which 15,000 community members will visit this fall. Stewardship and sustainability at its finest! 

Lastly, overnight trips will return this year! These trips are a staple of our program and we are happy to be able to bring them back this year. Information will be sent this week with specifics about location, length, and cost. We are off to a great start to the 2022-2023 school year, and look forward to continuing an amazing year in partnership with all of you!