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Pick Up Patrol

Please remember to use the PUP web app for all early dismissals, late arrivals, reporting absences, daily dismissal changes, dismissals for Enrichments, OT Sports, 5th grade sports, and middle school game day pick ups.

Absences are entered in PUP the same way as a plan change for families:
On the Change page > Select the date > Select the child it applies to > Select the Absent dismissal option > Submit

Late Arrival
Late Arrivals function independently of Plan Changes because students who arrive late will still need a dismissal plan at the end of the day.
On the Today page > Click the Arriving Late? button > Select the time & include the reason > Submit.

When students arrive at school, they can be checked in by their family or staff using the Check In button.

Early Dismissal
Please use the Early Dismissal option in PUP when you need to pick up your child early from school. Do a Plan Change, choose Early Dismissal, Enter Time and Pick Up person. 
IF YOUR CHILD WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL: Please go into PUP and make a NEW Change on the change page for your child’s afternoon dismissal plan to ensure they are put on the bus, in carline, or sent to Afternoons.

Learn more about PickUp Patrol
Access: Add PickUp Patrol to your Home Screen
Read: PickUp Patrol Parent Guide
Video: Getting Started w/ PickUp Patrol