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Service Learning

Service Learning is embedded in Montgomery's curriculum.

Under the guidance of its 2009 Strategic Plan, Montgomery is working to implement the plan's goals of Community and Citizenship.

In keeping with our mission of providing a character-based education, we will be a community that models good citizenship and service to others. We will more closely integrate community service with our educational program inside and outside the classroom, and we will engage our students and institution more deeply with the larger community.

Community Service at Montgomery School is not only encouraged but is considered essential to a complete education. Service to others is a part of the Montgomery School mission which states, “the School is equally committed to the development of each child's character, with an emphasis on integrity, respect, responsibility, and service to others.”

Students in each grade are given opportunities to help others, and to learn valuable lessons by sharing with those in need. Community Service develops compassion, one of the three words found in the Montgomery School motto: Veritas, Pietas, Caritas (Truth, Loyalty, Compassion). Whether students are supporting a Thanksgiving food drive, actively serving meals to people in need, or raising funds for research for autism, cancer, or childhood diabetes, the message is that it is our duty to help others. By connecting service to the curriculum, students become more deeply involved because they have a clear connection to their learning.

Each year teachers are given the task of having a service learning project in each grade level. Eighth grade students take part in a special journey that spans their 8th grade year and has become a tradition here at Montgomery...the Make A Difference Projects. Each student selects an organization or person for this year long project that has made a positive difference in the world. This project involves research, writing, reflection and presentation skills leading up to the presentation of their projects in an EXPO-like setting. The Montgomery community is invited to visit with the students and learn about the selected individuals and organizations. The ultimate goal is for each student to realize that they really can make a difference in our world.