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"Montgomery School recognizes that to prepare students for lives of purpose and positive impact in the 21st century, we must overtly address and embrace diversity and inclusiveness. Our students will be living, learning, and working in diverse and multicultural environments, and we must help them develop the respect for and openness to difference that these environments will increasingly require. To do this, we need to build a more diverse and multicultural community."

On 9/3/06 Montgomery's Board of Trustees published a statement of the School's Cultural Enrichment Vision, which asserts the following: Montgomery School is committed to providing a culturally enriching environment that nurtures and celebrates the unique qualities and talents of each student while emphasizing respect, integrity, and inclusivity. The School believes that community and its curriculum should reflect our multicultural and diverse world providing us the opportunity to teach awareness, sensitivity, and the skill of appreciating differences. The School is dedicated to an open community where differences are welcome.