Montgomery School

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Student Life

A school community, like a family, should support children in all the ways they are learning and growing. Program, resources, and facilities should exist to raise up their voices and elevate their potential to be essential community members—both at school and in life. With daily opportunities to stretch their capacity for growth, Montgomery students are always discovering more about themselves and the world around them. Whether it’s the relationships that develop between teachers and students during Family Style Lunch, the confidence that comes from presenting at Chapel, or the empathy that comes from mentoring younger students in the Buddy Program, students are developing and practicing critical foundational skills every day—both in and out of the classroom.

Family Style Dining

Greek and Roman Games

Buddy Program

Mentorships, friendships, partnerships…these are the kinds of important relationships that naturally emerge between Montgomery “buddies.” Students, whose age difference might keep them from knowing one another, are paired together for a year—partners in team building activities, schoolwide events, and special projects.

Older students—whether a fourth grader reading to a kindergartner or an eighth grader helping that same fourth grader with a food drive—practice valuable leadership skills and build confidence in their abilities to make a difference. At the same time, younger students feel valued and know they belong—not just in their classroom, but in a larger context.

Everyone benefits—those who experience the care and attention of a respected student role model, and those who deepen their capacity for compassionate leadership.


Montgomery's Chapel program is all about community building, character building, and social/emotional skills building. A series of non-sectarian, character-based lessons, Chapel gives students an important platform for thinking about meaningful topics together. Students meet twice a week—both in peer groups of middle and lower schoolers as well as with the whole school and community — so presentations can be tailored with age-appropriate content.

Multi-media lessons—delivered by faculty, staff, and 8th grade students—are often framed by personal stories and invite audience participation and thoughtful dialog. With a focus on a range of developmentally relevant issues, students have the opportunity to understand different points of view and start to shape their own. 

Every 8th grade student at Montgomery is required to write and deliver an individual Chapel presentation—a rite-of-passage that helps students develop and practice not only public-speaking skills, but also to think deeply about and share a topic of personal significance.

Watch our 8th Grade Chapel Presentations

Family Style Dining

The lunch program is an integral part of the curriculum here. It’s part of our collective community growth as well as a key to developing social competency. Healthy, locally sourced meals are prepared onsite and served family-style to mixed groups of students and faculty. Multi-grade tables that switch up each month—no cliques; no favorites—allow students to forge friendships across grades, engage in relaxed conversations with diverse social groups, enjoy healthy meals, and take responsibility for setting and cleaning the table.

Community Association

We love our parents and invite them to participate at whatever level feels right. Our parents are a diverse group with different obligations and interests, so we make sure there is always a way to get involved. All parents and guardians of enrolled students are members of the Montgomery School Community Association (MSCA)—our official parent organization. Officers are elected at the end of each school year and manage the wide range of volunteer and fundraising efforts that support students, faculty, and staff.


From the friendly competition of our annual Greek and Roman games to Fall Fun Day, complete with hayrides and a pumpkin patch, tradition is the heart of the Montgomery community. It is these moments that bring the community together and become treasured lifelong memories. Traditions new and old reflect our core values and instill a sense of connection and pride in our students.