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Community Association

When you join the Montgomery School community, you are also welcomed into the Montgomery School Community Association (MSCA)—a volunteer organization that works in partnership with the School to support the student experience.

Our mission is to enhance community connections in support of a fun, accessible and inclusive school experience.

Serving as a parent volunteer is a meaningful way to enrich your child’s education, while providing a fun way to build your own community friendships. Led by elected parent/guardian officers, the MSCA helps organize and run a variety of events and volunteer activities. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, and we encourage all parents and guardians to participate at whatever level feels right.

Monthly meetings are held in the Dining Room and a schedule will be published prior to the start of school. 

Contact one of the MSCA Officers, your Homeroom/Class Parent, a committee head, or the Development Office to inquire about volunteer opportunities. Volunteer opportunities will also be posted in Schoolhouse News, our weekly newsletter. 

Volunteer Clearances

A PA state law (Act 153) requires all volunteers to have three completed clearance checks that must be renewed every five years. Parents or guardians of students who…

  • The School has identified as School chaperones on School-sponsored field trips;
  • Are regularly scheduled to assist on campus during school hours and/or after School at School-sponsored events;
  • Who have regular direct contact with children;
  • And/or who will be responsible for students,

…are required to obtain the clearances.

Learn how to obtain your clearances.

Limited contact visitors or event participants who are not responsible for students (including attendees in an audience, participation in a celebration, incidental role at a School event, and/or guests at parties), where students are supervised by professional and/or authorized School staff, will not require clearances.


Lindsay Moreira P'26 '29
Vice President
Diana Sisum P'28 '29
Nicole Boscia
P'29 '31
Carolyn Lloyd P'28

Brianne Johnson P'26 '28
Benjamin Capps P'29 '26
President Emeritus

Julie Diaz P'16 '18 '27

Ways to Get Involved