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Visual Arts

Montgomery’s Visual Arts curriculum is intentionally designed as an ascending spiral. Each year, students are exposed to and work with a variety of mediums and art concepts. They revisit these mediums and concepts in subsequent years to build upon past skills. This allows our students to develop artistic skills and knowledge that is broad in both scope and depth. The students explore a variety of artforms including, but not limited to: drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, fiber art, digital art and sculpting. Art History, from ancient to contemporary is combined with the “Elements of Art” and the “Principles of Design” and taught throughout our art curriculum.

Our robust program includes a visiting artist week, field trips, art awards, year round display of student artwork and a much celebrated All School Art Show. A close collaboration with our Music and Performing Arts department, and cross curricular partnership with classroom teachers, reinforce the concept that art is not a stand-alone subject. In Middle School, art is also offered as part of our after school program.

In addition to the technical skills taught in the art room, students learn concepts which will help them succeed in a 21st century world. Art naturally lends itself to the development of critical thinking, creative problem solving and working collaboratively. The art room is a safe place to take responsible risks and explore new ideas. Each student at Montgomery School is encouraged to listen to their own voice, and we proudly celebrate each child’s individuality. Children are encouraged to draw on their own creativity while looking to others and the world around them for inspiration.