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Music and Performing Arts

Montgomery School’s Lower School Music curriculum is based upon learning by experience in an environment where cooperation, hard work and respect for individual differences are practiced and valued. Our program is intentionally designed to provide opportunities for students with a variety of learning styles to be successful in music.

At Montgomery School, we believe the process of creating and performing music supports the development of 21st century skills and competencies. Through our music program, students become well-rounded, self-motivated individuals with the ability to think for themselves, problem solve, and work well in teams. Our fundamental goal is to provide children not only with the skills, fellowship, and creative expression that comes from participating in music and musical ensembles, but to instill the values and habits necessary for academic success and a lifetime of personal growth.

Montgomery School’s Middle School Music curriculum is designed to give each student the opportunity to reach their highest musical potential. Students are given a wide variety of instruments to explore and learn, making the classroom the perfect atmosphere for musical experimentation and creation. By working in groups or bands with their peers, students put together performances for their classmates as well as the entire Montgomery community.

The Montgomery School music curriculum also provides an outlet for those looking to create their own music. Through music appreciation, students learn about and are inspired by influential contemporary musicians and artists who have shaped our culture of music during the last 100 years.