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Tuition and Value

Excellence With Reach
Montgomery School is pleased to introduce our Tuition Reduction Initiative, Excellence Within Reach. This new tuition model is designed to increase access and bring the transformative experience of a Montgomery School education within closer reach for all.

The decision to reduce tuition is grounded in the knowledge that independent school tuitions have reached an all-time high, forcing many families out of the private-education marketplace. While remaining at the forefront of academic excellence, Montgomery is taking the lead in increasing accessibility and affordability for independent schools. This bold move will benefit the students and families we serve today and in the future.

Investing in your child's education pays dividends, and they begin today. Montgomery School's tuition is a direct reflection of our philosophy to educate boys and girls with a child-centered, developmentally appropriate curriculum. We are dedicated to educating and developing well rounded individuals and lifelong learners. We offer a diverse, enriching, dynamic curriculum which provides all students opportunities to explore and succeed.

Did You Know?
  • 95% of Montgomery graduates have been accepted and successfully matriculated to their first choice secondary school.
  • Our students are provided leadership and public speaking opportunities as early as PreKindergarten.
  • Montgomery offers 10 interscholastic sports, with a no-cut policy, as part of our Middle School program.
  • We teach beyond the classroom on our 60-acre campus and within the community.
  • Many of our graduates go on to assume leadership positions in their secondary schools and colleges.


Tuition 2018-2019

PreK Half Day $12,000
PreK Full Day$16,000
Grades 1-5$18,500
Grades 6-8$19,900

Additional Fees

Required family style lunch program and other fees*:
PreK Half Day - $600
PreK Full day - $750
Lower School - $1,700
Middle School - $1,900

*Other fees include: all-day field trips, textbooks and other educational materials, art supplies, musical instruments, and snacks.

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