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Tuition and Value

Investing in your child's education pays dividends, and they begin today. Montgomery School's tuition is a direct reflection of our philosophy to educate students with a child-centered, developmentally appropriate curriculum. We are dedicated to educating and developing well rounded individuals and lifelong learners. 

Did You Know?

  • 95% of Montgomery graduates have been accepted and successfully matriculated to their first choice secondary school.
  • Our students are provided leadership and public speaking opportunities as early as PreKindergarten.
  • Montgomery offers 10 interscholastic sports, with a no-cut policy, as part of our Middle School program.
  • We teach beyond the classroom on our 60-acre campus and within the community.
  • Many of our graduates go on to assume leadership positions in their secondary schools and colleges.

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Tuition 2021-2022

PreK Half Day $13,120
PreK Full Day $17,755
Kindergarten $18,805
Grades 1-5 $20,875
Grades 6-8 $22,600




Additional Fees

Required family style lunch program and other fees*:
PreK Half Day - $800
PreK Full day - $1,075
Kindergarten - $2,170
Lower School - $2,200
Middle School - $2,300

*Other fees include: all-day field trips, textbooks and other educational materials, art supplies, musical instruments, and snacks.