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Tuition Assistance

How it Works

Apply for Tuition Assistance

The Montgomery School Tuition Assistance Program offers support for families based upon their financial need and the availability of funds. Please note: All application materials are held in the strictest confidence to protect the privacy of our families. Please follow the below instructions to apply for financial assistance.

Key Information

School Name: Montgomery School
SSS Code: 5170
How to submit documents to SSS:

  • Upload 2019 1040 and all supporting schedules, 2020 end of year pay stubs
  • Upload 2020 W-2's
  • Upload 2020 1040's and supporting schedules (when available this spring)


Tuition 2022-2023

PreK Half Day $13,625
PreK Full Day $18,450
Kindergarten $19,530
Grades 1-5 $21,675
Grades 6-8 $23,350




Additional Fees

Required family style lunch program and other fees*:
PreK Half Day - $850
PreK Full day - $1,125
Kindergarten - $2,270
Lower School - $2,300
Middle School - $2,400

*Other fees include: all-day field trips, textbooks and other educational materials, art supplies, musical instruments, and snacks.

View 2022-23 Tuition Fee and Schedule