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Is Private School Right for My Child?

You pay taxes that pay for your local school.  You may even have moved to your town because the public-school system has a good reputation. So why should you pay for an independent (private) school?  And even if you want to, how can you afford it?

First, let’s start with the top 10 ways that private schools differ from public schools.

Now that I’m convinced, how can I afford a private school like Montgomery?

If you’ve read this far, you obviously recognize the importance of education and want to give your child every opportunity for success.  An independent (private) school can provide an educational experience that opens both doors and minds.

As a school committed to the growth of students in PreK–8th grade, Montgomery appreciates the singular opportunity to start a child’s education off right—right from the start.  Some parents might suggest that if they were to pay for education, they would wait and send their child(ren) to a private high school instead of an elementary school. But studies show that the early formative years in school are when the foundation for all learning is established, and once that window of opportunity has passed, there is no going back.

Montgomery believes in access to the best education possible for as wide a population as possible.  As such, in 2018, the School reset its tuition to align more realistically with what families can afford and encourage those who think that private school is out of reach to think again.  A generous tuition assistance program is also available to provide additional support for students whose families qualify based on need. 

Multiple payment plans respect family’s needs for flexibility and we invite you to inquire about making a Montgomery education within reach.

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