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Admissions FAQ's

What is an Independent School?

Independent schools are “independent” because they have distinct missions and are primarily supported by tuition payments, charitable contributions, and special event funding. Independent schools do not receive federal or state funding. Each school meets high accreditation standards and is held accountable by its Board of Trustees.

What are the advantages of an independent school?

Independent schools, like Montgomery School, tend to function as a complete community. At Montgomery, the parents, students, and faculty work together with the shared goal of preparing students for high school, and for life. Independent schools focus on the “whole child.” In the case of Montgomery School, that means that the program develops mind, body, and character with equal emphasis.

In a community like Montgomery School, students are known and valued as individuals. As a result, students develop a stronger sense of identity, while gaining tolerance and respect for different backgrounds and viewpoints. Each faculty member at an independent school is a life-long learner and invests an enormous amount of time and care into his or her curriculum development. As a result, independent school faculty members are passionate about their program, and their passion for learning is contagious.

Why choose a Prek-8th grade school?

Often parents ask why they should consider a school that ends in 8th grade over one that educates a student through 12th grade. The learning environment and opportunities for growth in a PreK-8th Grade school are very different that in a school that continues on through high school. Our focus is on the critical childhood years (ages 4-14) where good habits for lifelong learning are created. Quite simply, our children are learning to love school.

Montgomery children are educated in an environment that is very intentionally child-centered, without the pressure and influence of high school. While K-12 schools often provide the bulk of their resources to the high school grades, we focus all of our resources on lower and middle school. Our Middle School students are our leaders and entrusted with responsibilities that would only be available to the oldest children in a K-12 school. During those critical middle school years when students can often become lost, our children are given the opportunity to stand out, as leaders in the classroom, on stage and on the athletic fields. As the oldest students on campus. Montgomery’s eighth graders have an unparalleled opportunity to develop themselves as learners and leaders in a nurturing school environment where they are well known and appreciated by their teachers and peers.

Our younger students interact with the middle school students through a “buddy” program, where they are matched with an older buddy who becomes a mentor or role model. The younger students develop an ongoing relationship with their older “buddies,” and the older students enjoy their leadership roles as they work with the younger students.

What does Montgomery look for in a student?

Though there is no one profile for a typical student, Montgomery School students tend to be intellectually curious, friendly, and active. We usually look for balance in a child’s life and for a student who will fit well into our community. Our students are comfortable accepting new students into their midst, and we like to see a level of warmth and friendliness in our applicants as well. Since an interview can be intimidating to some children, we also look to teacher recommendations, parent observations, and testing information to evaluate potential candidates. The bottom line is that we want students who are a great fit for Montgomery School, and we want Montgomery School to be a great fit for the students that we invite to join our community.

How can I get more information?

You may request more information by completing an inquiry form. When you are ready, you may fill out our online application.

How can I schedule a campus tour?

Please call us at 610-827-7222 to set up a tour of the campus and to meet with the Director of Admissions. One or both parents or guardians should accompany the student applicant. We also hold several open house sessions during the year during which you take a group tour of the campus and attend an information session.

When is the deadline for applying?

Families are encouraged to submit application materials for the following school year beginning in October of the current year. In order for applications to be considered during the first round of admission committee review and notified by February 1st, candidates should submit their materials by January 15th. After this deadline, admission will be on a rolling basis and all are still encouraged to apply.

What standardized tests are required?

Standardized tests are not a required part of the application process. Arrangements must be made to take the WPPSI-IV or WISC-IV test. WPPSI-IV and WISC-IV tests offer an independent evaluation by a trained and experienced professional of the child’s receptiveness to new tasks, the ability to shift tasks, comfort with hands-on tasks and comfort with pencil and paper tasks. The verbal sub-tests provide information on the child’s language abilities. Answers reveal a child’s level of social judgment and common sense reasoning. Children show their ability to recall word meanings and display given strengths or weaknesses in short-term auditory memory.

The sub-tests indicate a student’s grasp of basic concepts dealing with quantity, numbers and abstractions. Performance sub-tests reveal strengths and weaknesses in terms of fine motor control, eye-hand coordination, visual planning skills, and spatial orientation. Performance sub-tests also measure a child’s ability to visually scan and attend to details.

Students also take placement tests during their day visit to Montgomery. Placement tests administered at Montgomery School examine a child’s achievement level. The tests determine the child’s reading level, math knowledge, and written expression abilities. The child’s test results indicate the level at which the child is working. High scores may indicate enrichment opportunities and lower scores may point to a need for tutoring.

How are applicants evaluated?

Montgomery School bases admission decisions on five factors: a classroom visit, a placement test at Montgomery School, a WPPSI-IV or WISC-IV test, teacher referrals, and school records.

What can we expect during our visit to campus?

Parents visiting Montgomery will receive a tour of our 60 acre campus. We will visit the classrooms for the grade of interest as well as the dining hall, library and technology center, gymnasium and music and art rooms. We will also visit with the Head of Lower or Middle School for a brief introduction. There will be time at the beginning and end of the tour for questions regarding the school and the application process.

Students visiting Montgomery for their "shadow day" will spend the day in the classroom of their current grade. Students currently in grades K-8 will spend the day from 8:30-3:15. Students currently in PreK will visit from 8:30-11:30 and will not stay for lunch. Students will be paired with a "buddy" who will make sure that they get from class to class as well as have a friend to sit with at lunch. During the day, they will spend 45 minutes to an hour with the Director of Admissions for placement testing. Students do not need to bring anything with them for their visiting day, and lunch is included in the visit for grades K-8.

Where is the Admission Office located and where should I park?

There are several reserved parking spots for those visiting the admission office. As you enter the school’s driveway from Kimberton Road (Route 113) pull into the parking lot in front of the Farmhouse. After you park, enter the Farmhouse and check in with the receptionist.

Do siblings or children of alumni get preference?

Siblings or “legacy” applicants are considered first on their own merits, and second on their relationships to current or former Montgomery students. We do have quite a few siblings and alumni children, but we urge families to consider each child as an individual in deciding whether Montgomery would be the right fit, just as we do in evaluating siblings and alumni children.

When will I know if I'm accepted?

Acceptance letters are mailed in early February. Your decision to enroll is required by March 1st, along with a tuition deposit.

What does it mean to be placed on the waiting list?

Being placed on the waiting list means that we may be able to offer you enrollment if space becomes available. Normally, we will know if any spaces are available shortly after the March 1st, enrollment date, but sometimes a few spaces open up during the spring and summer (e.g. if a current family moves). The Admission Office will contact you if a space should become available (provided you have requested to stay on the waiting list).