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Technology at Montgomery School is thoughtfully and deliberately integrated into the curriculum at all levels of instruction. Students are engaged in authentic learning experiences that will prepare them for becoming effective, responsible communicators for the future. Class and lab experiences include age and grade level appropriate technology literacy, critical thinking and evaluating, use of a variety of media software to express ideas, and effective, responsible research.

Technology skills range from basic to advanced word processing, working with digital images, desktop publishing, keyboarding, paint programs, creating spreadsheets and graphs, pursuing online encyclopedia and Internet research, and creating multi-media presentations. Particular emphasis is placed on new and emerging 21st Century communication opportunities for building communities of learners in collaborative environments.

Montgomery School has a dedicated Computer Lab with 20 Mac workstations as well as computers and SMARTboards in all classrooms. The Library is equipped with 20 Chromebooks and five Linux workstations and the library catalog is online. Classrooms are equipped with SMART boards, computers, and teachers and students have access to additional laptops as needed. The campus is equipped with wireless internet service, filtered using OpenDNS (CIPA compliant), which delivers internet access on both school and devices that students might bring to school. Various tablets, digital cameras, scanners, and laser printers also support student work. Students using Google Chrome web browser off campus for their work are automatically forced to use Google's safe search when logged into their School Apps.

In the Lower School, the objective of technology use and instruction focuses on the responsible development of skills and processes that will help children use technology to support their curricular learning and work. In the Middle School, the purpose of technology education is to make it relevant for students by integrating technology through the curriculum. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to utilize technology properly to further their creativity, productivity, and to collaborate responsibly in the digital world.