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Montgomery strives to ensure that our students have the skills necessary to be successful in the jobs of the future, to know problem-solving strategies, to have innovative design skills, to think critically and creatively, to communicate and collaborate with others, and to persevere when something does not work the first time.

To hold information-age jobs, students also need to think deeply about issues, solve problems creatively, work in teams, communicate clearly in many media, learn ever-changing technologies, and deal with a flood of information. The rapid changes in our world require students to be flexible, to take the initiative and lead when necessary, and to produce something new and useful. Students must be more than proficient readers and writers; they must develop skills in the 4 C’s.

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Critical thinking

Students are naturally curious and are willing to engage in new ideas. When students are in charge of their own learning, having to think for themselves and apply their own knowledge, it makes for very powerful learning. Through STEAM, children are engaged in authentic tasks, brainstorming, questioning, gathering materials, constructing, fixing, collaborating and communicating their findings. They learn from each other, fail, and try again. Success is earned and the skills and the content knowledge become deeply rooted.

STEAM integration is simply a way of learning, through collaborative, hands-on problem solving activities. It is a method to help build the all important skills future employers are looking for. Problem based learning allows students to believe in their abilities, build understanding and gain independence in the learning process. It provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge.

Novus Center - Montgomery's STEAM Hub