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At Montgomery School, PreKindergarteners benefit from both a nurturing early-childhood program and the resources of the entire school. At every age, students feel safe and accepted—essential for a joyful and successful learning experience. We encourage our students to become aware and confident in their own identity and as well collaborate with and care and for others.

We spark the natural curiosity of PreKindergarten students through our extensive resources. The Wilson Foundation supports students’ emerging understanding of the alphabetic principles of letter-sound associations and alphabetical order, and the written language skill of manuscript letter formation. Students expand their large motor skills in our gymnasium, explore creative materials in the art room, learn from SMART Board activities and story time in the library and technology center, and discover science on our beautiful 60-acre campus, rich in biodiversity. Students are also taught music and Spanish by teachers in their field. By the end of the school year, PreK students are well prepared for our Kindergarten program.

PreK Fun