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Outdoor Education

The Wonders of a 60 Acre Hillside Campus in Chester Springs

PreK through 8th Grade Students at Montgomery School move about the beautiful 60 acre campus in Chester Springs throughout the day, going in and out of the numerous buildings to attend their next class or activity. The campus was built with the objective of students being outside often and with purpose. Environmental sustainability is at the forefront of our program, with Lower School students regularly engaging in nature walks through Pickering Creek and the hills surrounding the school to observe and catalog local plants and wildlife. Boots are required classroom equipment! Middle School students raise trout in the classroom and release them into the creek each spring, testing the creek’s water throughout the year to assure the safe release of each fish. The school’s organic garden is maintained by the entire school community and produce from the garden is used in the school’s family-style lunch program or donated to a local food pantry. Students come to appreciate their natural surroundings, learn to study science up close, and benefit from time spent in nature.