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MS Program Highlights

In the Middle School we believe children need these three years to build upon the foundation of lower school in such a way as to be well prepared and excited for what lies ahead in their future.

Middle School Program Highlights:

  • Each 8th grade student delivers a chapel presentation on a topic that is meaningful to them.
  • Each student participates in an advisory program that, at its core, is centered on providing an advocate for each student while at the same time helping them with self-discovery and self-advocacy.
  • Middle School students plan and participate in a service learning day with their advisory group.
  • Student Government takes the lead in planning many activities and events.
  • Science projects include raising and releasing trout, designing and building an earthquake-proof structure, designing and building cars that must protect an egg on impact, designing and building solar cars, and building and launching rockets.
  • Each Middle School student attends a week-long trip every year. The 6th grade travels to Washington, Monticello, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg to study social studies themes, the 7th grade goes to Florida for a physics and biology based trip, and the 8th grade goes to Montreal and Quebec City for a cultural and class bonding experience.
  • Students have elective periods where they can focus on an area of interest or discover something new.
  • Our Middle School Afternoon Program features 10 sports throughout the year and a “no-cut” policy for athletics. We also offer an art option each trimester including pottery, the school musical, and design/maker, where students imagine, design and explore their creativity.
  • The Middle School Musical is a full scale production that could hold its own on Broadway!
  • A buddy program matches each Middle School student with a Lower School student.
  • Students enjoy a “family-style” lunch every day.