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Eighth Grade Chapels

One of the traditional rites of passage for Montgomery's 8th graders is to lead the School in a chapel program. In order to graduate, every 8th grade student must deliver a chapel either to an audience of lower school, middle school or to the entire school community. Though this seems like a daunting task, our students are well prepared for this challenge. Beginning in kindergarten, each class gives a chapel program each year. Students also learn to present in the classroom, standing in front of their classmates. They also participate in concerts, and have opportunities to take leadership roles as middle school students, often requiring them to speak in front of their peers.

The entire eighth grade class always joins their presenting classmate to lend support both before and after the chapel program. Family members (and extended families and friends) are encouraged to attend the student's chapel program, and are there to enjoy moments after this rite of passage. The eighth graders put in tremendous time and effort in preparing for this opportunity and they demonstrate their confidence and skill in addressing a large audience.

8th Grade Chapels