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Middle School


Our rich, student-centered curriculum is designed with the understanding that our students need not only a mastery of content and well-developed skills, but most importantly a foundation of character which informs all that they do.

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Our faculty knows each child well and incorporates different methods of instruction and assessments to address individual student aptitudes. If you were to tour our campus and look in on our classes you might find students in one class working collaboratively, using the technology of Smartboards, Chromebooks, and other Web 2.0 tools to investigate and present information. In another class, the students might be applying their critical thinking skills to understand and appreciate different cultures in ways that support our Cultural Enrichment Vision.

Our school year is divided into two academic semesters with seven classes that meet Monday through Friday from 8:20 AM to 3:05 PM in a six-day rotating schedule. Our students end each day with a study hall proctored by their advisor. This allows for the advisor to be well informed of where their advisees are from an academic perspective, and also keep an eye on them from a social perspective. This common study hall also fosters in students a culture of self-advocacy and one-on-one collaboration with teachers. Moreover, students have a 50 minute advisory period built into their day once per cycle that is devoted to checking in as a group and individually (when needed), as well as covering our character education program and service learning.

Our Middle School community takes full advantage of our beautiful sixty-acre campus and magnificent facilities, moving from building to building for their classes, competing on our well-manicured athletic fields and enjoying a delicious family style lunch in our beautiful dining room.

Our academic program is further enriched by a wide variety of opportunities for students to experience and lead. These opportunities are presented in two categories, required and elective. As part of our academic program, our students are expected to compete in our Interscholastic Athletic Program and participate in service learning as part of their curriculum. They are also expected to participate on trips to New York, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. as well as well our sixth grade trip to Washington, Monticello, Jamestown and Colonial Williamsburg, our seventh grade trip to Florida, and our eighth grade trip to Montreal and Quebec City, Canada.

Giving Middle School students some control of their educational program is essential in the development of their independence. Our students can elect to run for leadership positions in the Student Government or the Athletic Association. They may choose to sing in our Concert Choir or to participate in our Winter Musical.

All aspects of the Middle School experience are intentionally structured to provide students with confidence and industry during a pivotal period of adolescent development. As we know, character is developed in the little things, the small choices we make each day which become habits. Our hope for all Montgomery students is that they graduate with deeply-rooted habits of mind, body, and heart, making them people of profound influence in secondary school and beyond.

Warmest regards,

Paulsson Rajarigam
Head of Middle School

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