Montgomery School

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Welcome From The Head Of School

Sometimes I have wondered if it’s magic.

This campus is full of life, critters and kiddos who consider this a second home. Montgomery’s spirit is embodied in its eager and curious learners. They are adventure seekers and mythmakers. They are advocates, athletes, and actors. They are scientists and storytellers. It’s my pleasure to open their storybook to you. Behind each tree and classroom door there is evidence that the magic is real and intentional. It’s what we do and we welcome you as a fellow discoverer.

Choosing the right school for your child is both an art and a science. 

Your learning process about this special place may be something like mine. As a long-time school teacher, counselor, and administrator, I have been a careful student of schools and their attributes. I’ve been privileged to teach and lead in some great schools across the country, and I came here looking for a place with a commitment to mission, a dedicated staff, devoted families, and an informed understanding of what kids need today.  Montgomery checked every box for me. But also, as a parent of four, I’m always attuned to the unique personalities and talents of my own children.

Welcome to that unique school where childhood and learning are equal priorities. 

Montgomery School is about learning in the world while developing an enduring sense of self. This is achieved with an expert mix of outdoor education, STEAM technology and arts, and essential building blocks skills of a successful educational journey. Monty privileges character education, a focus on the heart as much as the mind. This is the “why” of learning in a community and caring about those around you, and we take every opportunity to make sure that community includes parents, grandparents, and neighbors.

Finally and most importantly, Montgomery ignites a love of learning which is deep and lasting precisely because it focuses on each individual. 

Small classes, loving and agile teachers, and a vision to make the most formative years the most impactful ones. Daily, Montgomery Students can be seen:

  • Ringing the birthday bell
  • Posing better questions in the creek classroom
  • Pushing limits--and finding new levels of achievement on the sports field
  • Sounding out their voice in front of classmates and at times the entire community, advocating to make a difference, finding solutions to real problems
  • Singing, dancing, and writing with joy and artistry
  • Leading in responsible and visible ways on and off campus

You’ve discovered us!

Whether you landed here by careful science or artful exploration, you’ve embodied what our learners do as they cross Pickering Creek to immerse themselves each day. The next step in your exploration is to cross the threshold yourself and visit us in person. We’d love to show you the magic in action.