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Right From The Start

Montgomery School is intentionally designed to serve the youngest learners and shepherd them through eighth grade. We are committed to meeting the developmental needs of early childhood and early adolescence. Research shows and parents agree that there are tangible benefits to attending a school that starts in prekindergarten and ends at eighth grade.  

Here are just a few:

  • Without a high school on campus, younger children don’t feel pressured to grow up too soon, and middle school students are treated as and expected to be leaders. 
  • During a period of rapidly changing social, emotional, and physical development, middle school students benefit from being part of a community that allows them to develop close relationships with their teachers, other adults, and their peers.
  • As the oldest students on campus, middle school students are given a wide range of leadership opportunities and feel safe to try new things within a supportive community of teachers and learners. They take on the roles of mentors to younger students and embrace leadership opportunities such as Student Council, starring roles in school musicals, captains of athletic teams, and student ambassadors. 
  • The transition from Montgomery to high school is a healthy one. When a child is entering kindergarten, it’s impossible to predict the best high school for that child, but by 8th grade, the process of choosing a high school will be a learning experience that mirrors the process four years later of choosing a college. In addition, most 8th graders want to have a say in the kind of community and learning environment that will benefit them the most in high school.
  • Montgomery graduates are prepared to succeed in any setting because attending a student-focused, PreK-8 school has given them a solid academic background, strong moral compass, and the confidence to thrive in a new environment.


When you choose a PreK-8 school for your child, you are choosing to provide them with a foundational learning experience that aligns with how and when children learn—getting it right, right from the start.

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