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Public Speaking Skills = Life Skills

Montgomery students learn public speaking skills early! Starting in Kindergarten, the students present a class Chapel each year. This means that they learn to speak in front of an audience from the earliest age. By the time they reach 8th grade, they are ready to write and deliver an original presentation to a large audience. The confidence and comfort the students show is impressive, and practice makes the difference. Public Speaking is just one of the important life skills Montgomery School students learn at Montgomery School!

Each 8th grade student writes and presents a Chapel presentation for an audience of Lower School, Middle School, or the entire school. Public speaking is an essential life skill, and our students are prepared from the earliest years for this culminating experience. Click here to learn more about Chapel presentations at Montgomery School. Please visit this link to watch our 8th grade students deliver their Chapel presentations.

Hands On Learning = Fun

Montgomery School faculty create an engaging program of hands on learning for their students. Students might find themselves participating in laboratory experiments at all levels of science, or participate in an archeological dig in 5th grade, or pretend to be historical figures in 8th grade social studies. Students participate in a Montgomery Math Bowl in Middle School, or run an actual court trial in 4th grade. Students also put on boots to visit the creek that runs through campus, or to plant in the organic garden. Whatever the topic, students love to participate and learn!

Montgomery Sports and After School Options = Growth

Montgomery Middle school and Lower School students enjoy a broad variety of sports and after school activity options. Middle School students have the opportunity to learn a new sport thanks to our "no cut" policy. Students can also choose to take an art elective or participate in the Middle School Musical, which this year is: Bye Bye Birdie. Lower School students have a variety of Enrichment Programs offered as well. Students can learn chess, coding, engineering and even baking, among other topics.

Montgomery School has a Weather Station!

The Montgomery School Weather Station has been installed and our new weather station is LIVE! You can check the weather at Weather Underground.

This weather station was purchased through the Delaware River Watershed Initiative grant, funded by the William Penn Foundation through our partners at Stroud Water Research Center, as part of our new Stream Sensor Station project. You can see the data from the stream sensor here.