Montgomery School

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Our Mission

Montgomery School ignites each child’s love of learning and fosters their individual talents during the most formative years in order to prepare them for future success.

We promise to...

  • know and challenge each child, and inspire them to reach their potential.
  • cultivate an environment of mutual respect.
  • ensure a vibrant, diverse community that honors all its members.
  • promote the academic, social, and emotional development of each child.
  • promote a challenging curriculum, designed to teach students how to become critical thinkers, active problem solvers, and confident leaders. 

We believe in...

  • the power of community.
  • a healthy collaboration between parents and educators to support the growth and development of each student.
  • creating an enriching cultural environment which promotes inclusion and belonging.
  • character development and teaching the importance of personal integrity, respect, responsibility and service to others. 
  • preserving childhood for Preschool through 8th Grade students.