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Letters from the Head of School

Everywhere I turned last week, I saw Montgomery School at its best. Whether I was opening a car door to greet children in the morning, listening to our final 8th grade chapel when Tyler Neave spoke eloquently about "choices", watching our students compete with both passion and sportsmanship during Greek and Roman Games, seeing our 8th graders recognized at the annual Lettering Awards Chapel, or listening as students filled Bell Hall with sounds of their beautiful voices during FAME, I have been filled with pride watching children and teachers at their best.

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The goals and aspirations we pursue at Montgomery were eloquently discussed and analyzed by Ken Ginsburg during his recent visit to campus. Dr. Ginsburg delivered his presentation entitled "Resilience in Action - Raising Children and Adolescents Who are Prepared to Thrive!" Many of the themes Dr. Ginsburg discussed resonated with me, and I was able to draw multiple parallels between his observations and the things we do here at Montgomery every day. Ultimately, we pursue exceptional education for our children because we want to give them every opportunity to thrive as adults. What can we do now to provide our children with the tools they need to become successful at 35, at 50? And how do we define success? Dr. Ginsburg stressed that children need to be hard-working and to have grit when things are not going their way. Innovation and creativity are characteristics that will carry children far, especially at a school like ours where these traits are appreciated and developed fully. A collaborative spirit is also crucial, with the ability to accept constructive criticism and to work with all sorts of people. And again: Character counts.

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On November 8, we celebrated our NOVUS Center launch day. This educational space facilitates hands-on learning and STEAM projects for every grade level PreK-8th. The purpose is to ensure that our students have the skills necessary to be successful in the jobs of the future. I hope you will have an opportunity to take a look at the NOVUS Center in the near future and imagine all of the terrific ways this space will enhance the educational experience here at Montgomery.

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This morning, we awoke to the news of our national choice for President of the United States and other offices. Our right as US citizens to choose our leader is once again made clear. We will be working to understand the implications of such choices in the days, weeks and years to come. As the election results were rolling in over the course of the evening, the students and families at Montgomery were at the center of my thoughts.

We have all chosen Montgomery School because we want to be in a community united by the values of Veritas, Pietas, Caritas (truth, loyalty, compassion). We stand for these values today more than ever. My commitment to all of you is that Montgomery will continue to provide a nurturing, caring, and safe community for our students, and be a source of pride and connection in the wider world in the years to come.

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