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Our Commitment to Inclusion & Belonging

In support of the school’s mission and its work to ensure a vibrant, diverse community that honors all its members, the Montgomery School Board of Trustees embraces the values of inclusion and belonging.
The Board is committed to education and practices that include on-going oversight of, and measurement of progress in, the school’s efforts to uphold these values. Through its self-governance, the Board intentionally applies the same values to its own work and composition, carrying out initiatives, identifying gaps and following best practices at both the committee and full board level.

Strategic Guidelines

Personal and Professional Development 

In recognition of the importance of character education in the lives of our children and in our community, Montgomery School is committed to encouraging open expression of thoughts, ideas and experiences that provide the children and all community members with authentic opportunities to understand the broader world outside of our own community. We are equally committed to providing personal and professional development programs for all community members, encouraging open dialogue about the opportunities and challenges of understanding the world.

Building a Multicultural Population 

As we work to build a multicultural community, we will focus on creating a student body, faculty, staff, and Board of Trustees that reflect our commitment to a diverse racial, religious, and socio-economic population. We are committed to marketing and outreach into the communities of Chester County and to providing financial aid to meet agreed upon goals. We recognize that a diverse, multicultural community needs adult mentors; we will build a diverse and multicultural faculty and staff through recruitment and retention.

Understanding the World Through a Multicultural Curriculum 

Montgomery School is committed to embracing the understanding that the world of the 21st century will be truly global. The development of a global and multicultural curriculum is critical to preparing the children of Montgomery School for the world that they will participate in as active citizens. Our curriculum should include appropriate foreign language offerings, and provide an understanding of the diverse history, traditions, and cultures of the world.