Montgomery School

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In 1915, the Reverend Gibson Bell founded Montgomery School as a boy’s preparatory school from the first through twelfth grades. The School was located on Montgomery Avenue in Wynnewood, PA, from which it took its name.

In 1943 the school was re-established as a co-educational elementary and middle school. In the summer of 1988, Montgomery School moved to Chester Springs, PA. Built on the Beachwood Farm,

Montgomery School has preserved their legacy of educating children in mind, body, and character and continues to thrive as an independent co-ed day school for children in grades PreK–8. 

Current Head of School, Tom McManus, was appointed in 2020 and continues lead a program and community that values early childhood education. At Montgomery School, students are not only educated but they are challenged, nurtured, and encouraged. He believes, “All children have a unique voice and an important voice. Early on, they express who they are and what they are about. Getting behind that uniqueness is part of our job.” Mr. McManus' commitment to elementary education reflects an understanding that lifelong growth and success is directly related to the educational foundations that are established in a child’s formative years. 

All children can learn. When children encounter challenges, it’s not about a deficiency, the focus is finding their strengths and ways to approach a problem in new ways.

As we find ourselves in an era of change and unpredictability, Montgomery School distinguishes itself by finding new and innovative ways to live and deliver on its mission. We consider this a time of tremendous opportunity for Montgomery and our students — a time when academic foundations are strengthened, relationships are nurtured, independence is practiced, and deep thinking is fostered. We continue to build on this momentum to deliver a transformational experience that prepares students for a lifetime of success.