Montgomery School

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Faculty & Staff

Most faculty and staff can be reached through email by using their first initial and last

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Michael Anzaldo

Middle School Math,

Katie Bala

Lower School Teacher,

Ro Batson

Lower School Teacher,

Maria Berger

Lower School Teacher,

Carolyn Blair

Director of Operations,

Michele Blanck

Pre K Teacher

Kristin Canan

Lower School Teacher,

Shelley Chapman

Director of Finance

Pam Clay

Learning Integration Specialist,

Rose Collins

Educational Technology Specialist,

Taryn Conroy

Director of Academics and Student Life, School Counselor,

Julie Dattilo

Lower School Science Teacher,

Timothy Eisenhauer

Grounds and Maintenance Technician,

Melissa Ferkler

Salt Teacher

Carol Forbes

School Nurse,

Cara Fragoso

First Grade Teacher,

Wendy Friz

Lower School Teacher,

Charles Hambrick

5th and 6th Grade Math Teacher,

Liz Hoover

Lower School Art Teacher,

Kate Janney

Lower School Teacher,

Linda Jones

Assistant to the Head of School,

Alison Jussaume

Language Arts Teacher

Marianne Kaplan

Director of External Affairs,

Denise Kelly

Lower School Teacher,

Steve King

Director of Finance and Operations,

Patricia Kirkner

Receptionist/Administrative Assistant,

Kim Knauer

Art Department Chair, Middle School Art Teacher,

Jennifer Knauss-Hauck

Lower School Teacher,

Jake Kratz

5th & 6th Grade Science Teacher,

Jay Kulkarni

Middle School Science,

Kelly Kunsch

Director of SALT Playhouse,

Susan Marotta

Head of Lower School,

Tom McManus

Head of School

Emily Messer

Spanish Teacher, grades 5-8,

Kami Mulzet

Middle School Social Studies & ELA Teacher,

Samantha Occhetti

Lower School Teacher,

Jeffrey Ormsby

Middle School Music Teacher,

Marlène Pajot-Pavlak

French Teacher,

Lindsey Poinsett

2nd Grade Teacher

Stephanie Ponte

Lower School Spanish Teacher,

Yutao Porter

Lower School Music Teacher

Jessica Pullano

Director of Development,

Christopher Ruck

Physical Education - PK-8,

Heather Schelhorn

Social Studies Department Chair, Middle School Social Studies Teacher,

Robin Shellhamer

Lower School Assistant Teacher,

Katie Sillup

Admissions and Development Associate,

Gregory Tomko

Grounds & Maintenance Assistant

Michael Toomey

Directory of Enrollment Management,

Victoria Tracy

Lower School Teacher,
1 2 > showing 1 - 50 of 53 constituents