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Community Partnerships

No (person) is an island entire of itself; every (person) is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.
John Donne

A strong community is essential for all manners of success, and everyone plays a part. At Montgomery, we rely on all members of our school family while also looking beyond our campus for partnerships that align with our program, mission, and values. Forging meaningful partnerships that support both our school community and the surrounding towns that our families call home, we broaden the scope of each other’s resources and everyone benefits. 


SALT Playhouse by Montgomery School

A program created by SALT Performing Arts, the Playhouse offers opportunities for children ages 3-4 to learn through music and movement while receiving an academic program within Montgomery’s accredited early learning program. Students will also get to work in a garden, play on Montgomery’s playground, and go on many adventures around their vast campus. SALT Playhouse offers two, three, and five-day options from 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM each day. 
Visit Salt Playhouse

Tinkergarten Classes @ Montgomery School

Tinkergarten is an outdoor learning program for children ages 18 months to 8 years old (with their caregivers) — designed by education experts. When kids get outdoors, they enjoy reduced anxiety and enhanced mood. The same goes for adults. Outdoor settings also provide kids’ sensory systems with an ideal mix for learning, because the outdoors is both stimulating and calming at the same time. For these reasons and more, Montgomery School's outdoor campus is the perfect setting to attend a Tinkergarten class. 

For more information about Tinkergarten at Montgomery or to register for a class, please visit their website.

Visit Tinkergarten

GeoVentures @ Montgomery School

Montgomery School has paired with GeoVentures Programming and Services, a group that assists communities and schools to utilize space to inspire connections with nature. Through this relationship, Montgomery’s academic and social-emotional curriculum is enhanced with new and diverse learning opportunities - from science to poetry to journaling to simply teaching kids the value of quiet and stillness. As soon as one goes outside, the potential for interactive learning increases. It ties what students are learning to an immediate application, creating deeper knowledge.

Code Ninjas Camps

At Code Ninjas, kids learn to code through an engaging game-based curriculum that boosts self-confidence and teaches teamwork, logic, and problem solving. 

Their summer camp programs are guided by their team of Code Senseis. Code Ninjas Camps empower kids to gain valuable tech skills and make new friends. It's an unforgettably fun learning experience!

Visit Code Ninjas

ESF Summer Camp @ Montgomery School

Our community partner, ESF Summer Camps, offers a variety of camp experiences for children ages 3 to 15. The ESF experience includes an adult and experienced staff; Montgomery's beautiful grounds and facilities; cutting-edge, character-building curriculum; an award-winning aquatics program and an unwavering commitment to safety.

For more information about ESF Summer Camps at Montgomery, please visit their website or contact them directly at 610-827-1800.

Visit ESF@Montgomery