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Strategic Areas of Focus

For many years, the Montgomery School Board of Trustees established annual goals to guide their work each year. In 2013, the trustees identified a small set of long-term focus areas to guide their work over the next 3-5 years, rather than annual goals. This shift aligns with the long-term time horizon of nonprofit boards of trustees, and recognizes that many of the greatest challenges the School faces will require sustained effort over several years. The Board of Trustees welcomes comments from the community on our long-term focus areas and strategies for addressing them. Please contact Dan Goldsmith, Board Chair, if you have comments to share.

  1. Enhance resources through major gifts and fundraising
    • Identify, cultivate and solicit major gift prospects
    • Increase board annual fund giving
    • Join Head of School on calls to prominent alumni
    • Use Board fundraising leadership as leverage for annual fundraising
    • Build an identity for major donors in the Montgomery community
  2. Clarify school identity and market position
    • Implement complete marketing plan. State our case for a fundamental education that enhances mind, body and character.
    • Develop brag sheet - internal/informal communications.
    • Define/refine metrics and create a dashboard.
  3. Explore big ideas to ensure long term sustainability
    • Establish task force
    • Create a model for on-going development
  4. Actively build community
    • Assign Board members to attend school events
    • Work to build an alumni network
  5. Stabilize and grow enrollment
    • Involve Board members in recruitment
    • Enrollment Committee to develop dashboard for Board reporting
    • Evaluate data from surveys