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Board of Trustees

Montgomery School is governed by an independent board of trustees. The Board of Trustees consists of a group of dedicated individuals who offer strategic expertise, resources, and a variety of perspectives that enable the School to achieve its mission and strategic objectives.

The following is an overview of the governance of Montgomery School:

  • The Board of Trustees hires and cultivates the head of school.
  • The Board of Trustees consists of a maximum of 22 members who are elected, including the Head of School as an ex-officio member.
  • Board members include current parents, past parents, alumni, educators, and community members. We strive for a board diverse in gender, race, professional skills, and experience.
  • New trustees are nominated by the Committee on Trustees and elected by the board of trustees by a majority vote each year.
  • Trustees may serve up to three 3-year terms.

Much of the board’s work is accomplished by committee, and from time to time, task forces on specified issues. Committee membership and leadership is determined by the board chair in consultation with the head of school. The 2021-2022 committees of the board are outlined below.

Board Committees

Board Members and Officers 2023-2024