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Board of Trustees

Like all nonprofit educational institutions, Montgomery School is governed by a Board of Trustees. The role of the Board of Trustees is to:

  • Uphold the mission of the School
  • Ensure the financial strength and sustainability of the School
  • Hire and cultivate the Head of School

The Board focuses on strategy and long-term issues, leaving implementation and operational activities to the Head of School and administrative team. Board members voluntarily contribute their time, treasure, and talent for the good of the School.

According to our bylaws, our Board of Trustees can have up to 22 members, including the Head of School as an ex-officio member. Board members include current parents, past parents, alumni, educators, and community members. We strive for a board diverse in gender, race, professional skills, and experience. Board member candidates and board officers are nominated by the Committee on Trustees and elected by the full Board each year. Board members may serve up to three 3-year terms.

Our Board of Trustees has several committees including:

  • The Executive Committee, which acts on behalf of the Board if decisions need to be made swiftly, and serves as a sounding board and strategic advisory group to the Head of School.
  • The Governance Committee, responsible for identifying, cultivating, and orienting new board members, and for ensuring the ongoing professional development of all board members.
  • The Finance Committee, responsible for establishing the annual budget and ensuring the financial strength and sustainability of the School.
  • The School Advancement Committee, responsible for advancing the financial health of the School, and setting the vision, strategy and policies for enrollment management.
  • The Audit Committee, responsible for overseeing the annual audit of the School's financial statements.

In any given year other committees or task forces may also be created to address strategic issues.