Montgomery School

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Early Learning

Ask ‘why’ all day long

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Lower School

Bring your enthusiasm (& your boots!)

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Elementary Schoolers Collecting Water from Creek

Middle School

Push the possibilities

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Raising the Bar

We challenge ourselves as well as your children—always refining what the best school experience looks like.

Right from the Start: Why PreK–8?

Children’s needs change as they grow, so teachers must understand their students’ developmental paths in order to support their growth.

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Why Montgomery School?

Montgomery's program helps ensure academic success, social and emotional health, a sense of purpose, and strong character.

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Why do small classes make such a big difference?

Research shows that students in small classes—especially elementary school students—perform better in all subjects on all assessments.

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Why should kids spend more time outside?

When kids know the joy of being outdoors, they understand their relationship to the environment and their responsibility for its care.

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Why a private school and can I afford it?

You pay taxes for your local school so why should you pay for a private school? Moreover, once you know it’s worth it, how can you afford it?

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This Week at Montgomery

Inside and Outside the Classroom