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Welcome Parents

Our mutual goal is the highest level of excellence in your child's education, as well as a strong foundation for life. 

Thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education as we further your child’s development in the areas of mind, body, and character. We take our charge seriously, and we ask you to partner with us in this worthy endeavor. Children are affected by many variables in their growth, and our success depends on the strength of our mutual cooperation. We are committed to making your child’s school years happy and productive as we work with you to set a strong foundation that will affect his or her health and well being for a lifetime.

Your expected participation in the education of your child is one of the many differences that you will find in independent education. We support your interest as we form a strong partnership with you. Our mutual goal is the highest level of excellence in your child’s education, as well as a strong foundation for life. To that end, we encourage and welcome your active participation as a member of the community. You may participate in several significant ways including:

  • Staying in touch with your child’s teacher/s and/or advisor and attending scheduled conferences
  • Communicating your needs and expectations
  • Being an active participant in the Montgomery School Community Association (MSCA)
  • Volunteering to help at school in various ways

Thank you for choosing Montgomery School for your child’s education. We look forward to working with you!

Parent Communications


  • Read about Our Exciting Benefit Item of the Week!

    Posted on April 17, 2014

    Is your child a huge fan of One Direction? Give your child the ultimate gift of inviting 19 of his/her closest friends to the "Where We Are", One Direction concert. They will "Dance all night to the best song ever....", in a club seat box at Lincoln Financial Field, on your choice of either August 13th or August 14th, 2014. The luxury box has 4 VIP parking passes, private in-suite bathroom and comfortable seating. Buy your tickets to the Annual Benefit and Auction online now!

    This amazing auction item is the gracious gift of Jonathan and Linda Brassington, parents of Cole '17 and Luke '19.

  • Earth Day Celebration - Tuesday 4/22

    Posted on April 17, 2014

    On Tuesday, April 22 we will celebrate Earth Day. On this all school dress down day, students should wear clothing and shoes suitable to be outside, and that can get dirty. Green Weavers will be with us again to help with the planting in the meadow. Please send a donation of $1 per child for the continued caring of the meadow and more wildflowers for future years.

  • NAIS Inspiration Lab

    Posted on April 8, 2014

    NAIS Inspiration Lab Features Montgomery Project
    Montgomery's second grade project was featured in the NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) Inspiration Lab! "The project, says Mrs. Dattilo, is just one example of Montgomery School’s experiential approach to education for all Prekindergarten through eighth grade classes and across all subject areas. 'The more hands-on the approach, the more students become both more engaged and more self-directed learners.” See the article here:

  • The Greek and Roman Games are Coming! Friday 5/16

    Posted on April 7, 2014

    Montgomery's Greek and Roman Games are rapidly approaching. This year the Games will be held on Friday, May 16th beginning at 9:00 am. This event is unique in that the Games have been a tradition of the Montgomery School community for many, many years. They are one of the few events that involve every person in the school from Kindergarten through 8th grade. They are held on our athletic fields behind the school.

    Again this year all students will be given a souvenir “Greek and Roman Games” T-Shirt to wear during the games. They will be given out to the students the day before the games. The Greeks wear white shorts and the Romans wear maroon shorts. If your child doesn’t have a pair of shorts, they will be available in the Physical Education office in the gym the week of May 12th just before the Games, for $15. Please make checks out to Montgomery School.

  • Seventh Grade Physics Lessons

    Posted on February 19, 2014

    Seventh Grade Physics Lessons
    Seventh grade students recently studied physics and Newton’s laws of motion by designing “cars” which could withstand a crash and protect their passengers (uncooked eggs). The cars were sent down a steep incline and crashed into a large rock, while speeds and trajectories were calculated, and crumple zones were examined for effectiveness. The top six cars and their designers are pictured here (McKenna, Anisha, Amanda, Georgia, Claire and Grace).