About Head of SCHOOL Kevin Conklin

BA Lake Forest College
MA Columbia University

Montgomery School

Head of School

Several years ago, I asked one of our eighth graders before Commencement to reflect on her experience at Montgomery.  She said: " I won't be surprised if one of my classmates one day changes the world."

I cannot think of a better way to sum up the Montgomery Experience. What goes into creating children who feel that they can change the world? At Montgomery, we regard educating children as an opportunity to create the future. We take great pride that our students are “Inspired to Explore and Prepared to Succeed.” We create an environment where nurturing is about building strong and resilient children. With a small school and a small class size, the children are known by everyone; teachers, administrators, and the other students.

In Northern Chester County, Montgomery School is unique. We are a community made up of experienced teachers who are excited each day by their work, and students who are ready to explore the world around them. We take advantage of the innate curiosity that children are born with and combined with their eagerness to succeed, we provide them with daily challenges that build strong character and prepare them to be successful in every way. Directed by our mission, we educate children in Mind, Body and Character. Children grow and mature at Montgomery, and are ready to take on the challenges of young adulthood ahead of most of their peers. When you build depth and dimension in a child you create leaders, and Montgomery School graduates become leaders in their secondary schools, colleges and beyond.

As I walk around our beautiful, sixty acre campus and through the classrooms, the clamor and excitement of learning at Montgomery is palpable. Whether it is listening to seventh graders read their original poems, watching the eighth graders build their solar cars, hearing a kindergartner read a book from end to end for the first time, or watching a lacrosse team complete an undefeated season, I am inspired by how Montgomery students meet the challenges before them. Our students find joy in success and build pride through perseverance as they find their way to those wonderful “lightbulb” moments of learning.  

Childhood is a precious time and children are eager to explore the world and learn new things.  By the time children move on to high school, they are entering the adult world and leaving childhood behind. Our inspiring teachers bring out the best in our students and know how to provide balance, nurture motivation and instill the courage to take on new challenges.  

The only way to begin to understand the value of a Montgomery education is to come for a visit.  We would be delighted and proud to show you our School and hope that it becomes your School.


Kevin R. Conklin, Head of School