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STEAM at Montgomery School

While many schools dedicate a day to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) or host an "Hour of Code", these skills are thoughtfully and deliberately integrated into Montgomery School's curriculum every day. Starting as early as PreKindergarten, students are taught to think critically, solve problems creatively, work in teams, and communicate clearly, all of which are important skills required for future success in a rapidly changing technology-based world.

Today, we are celebrating the benefits of a STEAM education with a variety of hands-on learning experiences. Our younger students will use tools such as Little Bits, Makey Makey, Sew Electric, and Bee Bots, to explore, design, and build technology-based projects. Middle School teams will build either Hot Air Balloons or Space Landers. Each team will be challenged to build and launch their own device. As a hands-on engineering challenge, students' teams will create something that doesn't have just one right answer.

We believe when children are exposed to STEAM on a regular basis, and they learn how to think for themselves and apply their own knowledge, it makes for very powerful learning. The integration of STEAM at Montgomery School is intentionally designed to instill the knowledge and skills our children need to become successful adults in a global economy.
Montgomery School has a Weather Station!

The Montgomery School Weather Station has been installed and our new weather station is LIVE! You can check the weather at Weather Underground.

This weather station was purchased through the Delaware River Watershed Initiative grant, funded by the William Penn Foundation through our partners at Stroud Water Research Center, as part of our new Stream Sensor Station project. You can see the data from the stream sensor here.

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