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Recent News

Montgomery School Buddy Program

All Montgomery School students are paired with a "buddy" during the school year. The buddies get together for special activities, reading, and fun. Beginning in 4th grade, students are paired with a younger student. The older students become role-models and cheer on their younger buddies. The younger students find a friend in an upper grade, and feel that they are noticed and appreciated by an older student. Activities include gardening and Earth Day activities, maker projects, and releasing trout into Pickering Creek. To learn more about the Montgomery School Buddy Program, click here.

Congratulations To Our New Middle School Students!

Congratulations to our 5th grade graduates! Welcome to Middle School!

Montgomery School believes unequivocally that the ideal school is one in which the students feel safe and accepted, a school where the students are not bombarded with social distractions and their older counterparts, a school which focuses solely on their intellectual, social, and physical development.

Congratulations To The Class of 2017!

Congratulation to the Class of 2017! We are so proud of you!

Our rich, student-centered curriculum is designed with the understanding that our students need not only a mastery of content and well-developed skills, but most importantly a foundation of character which informs all that they do.

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